To writing more in 2018! Plus a round-up of my work from 2017.

I’m alive. So mumming took more of my time than I expected (yes, I can hear you experienced parents laughing now), but we’re sleeping through the night now (trying not to jinx anything here) and I have a little more bandwidth to write.

So here’s to posting more in 2018.

Also, I grew up in a Southern Baptist church where you didn’t just get saved once; you got saved and then rededicated your life whenever you fell off the wagon, spiritually speaking. So making bold commitments only to wander off and then find yourself right back at the beginning—well, let’s just say it’s in my cultural DNA.

And technically I wasn’t doing nothing this year. I mean, besides just raising a tiny human. Here’s a smattering of of things I got published in 2017:

-An essay about how I’m struggling to find peace with the scary new information about climate change. Hint: I haven’t fully figured this out, so if you have, please DM me. I’m serious.

-An essay about my first night on-call as a hospital chaplain, or a story in which I try to respond to a gang shooting when I can’t even find the bathrooms in the ER. If you had a strong desire to read 3,300 words of someone actively fighting off a panic attack, you’re in luck!

-A post in which I got to be my snarkiest (and therefore truest) self and defend parents from haters. It was awesome.

-A post in which I recommend a bunch of funny gifts for foodies, i.e, make fun of myself for being really pretentious about food.

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