Worry Lines

Sitting in the noon light of the atrium, he locks his eyes on mine and says, “27? You look older.” The chatter of thirty lunching employees quiets to an indistinct drone. “You know that’s not a nice thing to say to a woman.” “Hey,” he shrugs. “I tell people, I gave my arm to live … More Worry Lines

A Bright Sadness

When I’m not on call at the big hospital, I work at the Cancer Center, which is an outpatient facility where patients receive chemotherapy and radiation. When I first arrived, my boss told me to make rounds in the infusion room and the lobby. I walk into the infusion room, a large open area with chest-high walls dividing … More A Bright Sadness

Stand There: Ministry of Presence in a Medical World

I am a tall, young, female chaplain with a penchant for costume jewelry and leopard print accessories. When there’s a death or a trauma, I introduce myself to the family. “I’m Caroline, the chaplain. I’m here for your support,” I say, furrowing my brow and mustering all the earnest concern I can. They look up … More Stand There: Ministry of Presence in a Medical World